Version 0.9.243

October 21st, 2013

This is an interim bug fix before the V1 comes out.

I'm still working on the next version which will add an overdrive effect (completed) and an updated wavetable oscillator and editor, (about 90% done). Then just a few loose ends to tie up and figuring out payment and licence handling stuff.


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Version 0.9.225

June 5, 2013

New version ready for download. The main features are...

Ok here's the bad news, the next version will be payware. The paid version will either be a serial number based scheme or something similar. The demo version will likely be fully functional except that it will display a nag screen from time to time. I don’t want to waste too much time on copy protection so the plan is to start simple and see how it goes.


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New Beta Version.

March 23, 2013

After a long and arduous journey the new beta version is ready. The main points of interest are…

VST and MIDI automation.
Controllers and Modifiers depreciated in favour of dedicated modules.
Some general user interface improvements.

More detailed info can be found here.

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A little progress.

May 21, 2012

I've made some progress improving VST and MIDI automation. I have the main architectural work done, just a few more things to work out and then it should just be a case of running through and updating all the module parameters to work with automation. That could take a while.

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Getting back to coding.

April 19, 2012

I have had other things taking up my time for the last 2 months but I am now getting back to coding. I am working to improve the way VST automation and MIDI CC works. Specifically i want to make it so that most front panel controls can be assigned to an automation parameter or MIDI CC. The advantage is greater flexibility and also what you see is what you get, if a knob is automated it is moved to the new position. With the existing scheme automation is like some ghost parameter in the background, you can see the connection but you cant see the value of the parameter. It is not as intuitive and clear as it could be.

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New Beta Version

February 18, 2012


Some bugs squashed!
ADSFR times can now modulated.
DelayFX improvements & tempo sync.
Hold pedal & aftertouch now supported.
Syncrosc and Pulsaw improvements.
Phase modulation oscillator.
Bunch of extra patches from Ed Ten Eyck.

See KvR support forum for full details.

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Website Update

February 17, 2012

The website is now running on WordPress. This should make life easier for the web developer (that’s me) to keep everything not only up to date but looking good. It’s about 10 times faster to add a news item than it used to be. Just log in, add a post, and click update. Whoo hoo!

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VST Automation

October 30, 2011

VST automation is now supported. The LFO now has tempo sync and a glide function. Note stealing has been changed so that released notes are stolen before held notes.

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